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About Wacky Paws


Wacky Paws is a fashionably relevant and functionally sound line of pet accessories that are based out of Whittier, California. We provide and distribute a wide range of innovative pet products and accessories that are synonymous with comfort, efficiency, style, convenience, and most importantly quality .

Specializing in a variety of pet accessories such as carriers, pet mobiles, harnesses, slings, collars, pet bowls, mats, and pet charms. Wacky Paws accessories are designed to service dogs, cats, and other small pawed critters.

Awarded Best In Travel

Throughout our growth we have generated a notable following for our revolutionary Eco-Carriers, pet backpacks, and pet slings. Showcasing affordable, durable, and fashionable mobile carriers and fabric based bags; Wacky Paws has proven to be a brand that is highly sought after. Earning a “golden ticket” on September 13, 2012 from Pets Mart best Innovative Station at Super Zoo Pet Expo as well as Blog Paws “Best in Travel” award in 2013 at Global Pet Expo; Wacky Paws has begun to solidify its brand name image in just a short period of time.

We have grown substantially over the years. Now available at a store near you.

Wacky Paws is now distributed in pet stores and boutiques throughout the US please use out store locator to find a store near you. Since 2012 Wacky Paws has provided comfortable, efficient, stylish and quality pet products and accessories. Wacky Paws will continue to grow, provide and introduce the best in new pet products and accessories.


To all of you, from the Wacky Paws team - Thank you and HappyPaws!

Casey Lee
Vice President

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